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Nobody can know everything. But almost all of it, at least. Welcome to our bag Wiki. Small yet handy – bag knowledge for your back pocket. Learn the top ten rules of good paper carrier bags, important information about our products’ materials and properties, and why we, as paper carrier bag manufacturers, believe that our products will still be the number 1 advertising means in years to come. Have a browse; reading educates. Bag-shaped good ideas, particularly…

110 bag rules

First rule: You shouldn’t delegate bags to someone else

As the boss, you’ve always got an eye on ensuring your company appears flawless when it comes to your own products and services. Why not then when choosing advertising media since the quality of your advertising media can make your services’ quality claim tangible when compared with the competition?

Second rule: You need to distinguish between price and value

Do the company’s decision-makers only concern themselves with how much an advertising bag costs, or do they also notice how much value they can generate?

Third rule: You shouldn’t throw anything out of the window – neither bags nor money

The paper bag is your most effective salesperson since it is most successful in ensuring that goods and brands are always seen and bought. And: The bag lives at the same address as your customers – after all, in contrast with other advertising media, it is present in a consumer’s home at all times. So that your bag can be reused as many times as possible, the finish and load-bearing capacity are of utmost importance. Do not rely on technical paper terms you cannot interpret, instead requesting your suppliers give you the official test report, in which the safe carrying capacity is documented in kilograms. Do not trust suppliers who do not want to make test reports available.

Fourth rule: You only want to surprise your customers positively

Anyone who manufactures paper carrier bags or uses them on the open market is fully responsible for ensuring these bags meet the statutory requirements: If the bag rips, your customers’ patience might wear thin. It also makes sense to avoid semi-professional, allegedly low-priced offers: Anyone who buys cheap, ends up buying twice. Pay close attention to tearproof and shatterproof paper, which not only meets your requirements, but primarily your customers’ requirements – in the best case scenario (i.e. RIEDLE), they will show off your advertising free of charge for months to come…

Fifth rule: Speak clearly

Paper bags used as advertising bags are increasingly more precisely differentiated by target group In other words, this means speaking in words the target group wants to hear: in different sizes, smaller runs, increasing demands on shape and design. Only partners who have such offers firmly under control in terms of cost and who can support you with graphics, design, layout and data creation from a single source can support your communicative style. To summarise: RIEDLE®. Top tip: When choosing the size of your paper bag, you’re better off choosing one or two sizes larger so that your customers’ other purchase can slide into your bag, meaning only your advertising remains visible. We don’t talk with our mouths full. But we do talk with full bags.

Sixth rule: Be environmentally friendly

If Greenpeace buys your bag, you’re on the right eco-track. Ask your paper bag supplier to provide you with their FSC certificate (paper from managed forests). Ask whether the supplier is a climate-neutral company. Also request these certificates for the avoidance of doubt. On behalf of your customers, choose paper instead of plastic. Reject other materials, such as plastic- and petroleum-containing mixed woven or non-woven fabrics, or plastic bags that take over 450 years to decompose and negatively affect the environment.

Seventh rule: Teach your bag something

You can teach bags something: To inspire people. And you don’t have to be a huge group of companies to have great paper carrier bags. After all, small- and medium-sized companies in particular cannot afford to miss out on an outstanding advertising bag as a way to stand out from the competition. Since they are in demand, it’s important to generate enthusiasm – particularly around paper bags – because the quality of your advertising bags brings just as much pleasure as the quality of your company. If the bag is bad, it also reflects badly on your company. See your product and paper bag as one – then their persuasiveness is credible and effective in the long run. One small tip: Pay close attention to beautifully gentle soft cords so that carrying heavy loads is still pleasant and comfortable. This simple trick will quickly turn your paper bag into a favourite, thereby providing you with long-term advertising.

Eighth rule: Give your paper carrier bag a chance to assert itself.

Successful assertion requires determination and courage to be different. But we mostly see the opposite, and the ideal creative solution falls under the influence of concerns, objections and critical killer phrases about being mainstream and average. In the end, this innovative idea becomes a good old wall calendar that nobody ever hangs up. Your courage will be rewarded. Well-made paper bags are much loved and have a very high level of consumer acceptance. If you don’t add advertising bags to the mix, maybe the competition will.

Ninth rule: Love your homeland

Customer-oriented production is customer-focused production. Decide against imports from the Far East, decide against social grievances and child labour, as well as dubious environmental standards. The proportion of paper bags from Asia is quite high in Europe. Even when you’re talking to a local supplier, you should ask for the country of origin in writing. What’s important for every partnership also applies in this business: Trust, asking questions, being available, listening properly, keeping in touch.

UAnd if you’ve managed everything up until this point, you’ve already met the tenth rule:


We love your products like our own paper bags.

And remember:
Anyone who deliberately imitates RIEDLE® paper bags with the intention of passing them off as genuine or enabling such a placement on the market, or falsifies paper bags in such a way that the appearance of a RIEDLE® paper carrier bag has been recreated, or purchases counterfeit RIEDLE® bags with this intention, will be punished for the rest of their lives with plastic bag runs of over 100,000 units.


Does the packaging law dated 01/01/2019 also apply to paper bags?

All types of advertising bag are deemed “service packaging” in accordance with the packaging law. Paper bags must therefore be reported and registered. With our worry-free package, we can supply you with pre-licensed paper carrier bags. As part of the package, we will undertake all aspects in compliance with the packaging law – you don’t have to do anything further. And your order invoice is sufficient proof for the authorities.

Can I order paper bags from you as a private individual?

Since we only manufacture individually designed paper carrier bags that have high minimum quantities, our offering is only suitable for commercial customers.

Can I see the entire collection on site?

All for real. Not in a courtyard garage. Not on a kitchen table. We’d be happy to show you all our products in person and in full colour. We’d be delighted if you made an appointment to visit our inspiring showroom. While you’re here, you can explore our in-house carrier museum.

Can I also supply my own paper to manufacture advertising bags?

Yes, this is something we deal with on a regular basis. However, since we make the RIEDLE® quality promise on every order, there are certain indispensable stipulations on the paper and its processing. Please send us samples and the specification, and we’ll run some test for you.

Can my paper carrier bag be printed on all sides?

Yes; in fact, we’d recommend it is. There are hardly any limits on design or printability. Not only do the two front sides offer a large and effective marketing surface, but so do the left and right side folds, too. There are no additional costs for all-round printing.

Where can I find designers who specialise in designing effective marketing bags?

Here, in-house – our own graphics department is available to you. Use our many years of experience and expertise. When it comes to paper bags, we’re highly specialised. We don’t do anything else. Our design and data service is even included as part of your order.

Do you also manufacture paper bags with printed interiors?

We can also print the interior of bags as you wish. Whether you opt for one colour or multiple colours, almost any desired design can be created and will certainly draw attention to your new advertising bags.

Can the adhered bottom card also be printed?

This is a good idea since this is a prominent area. Many of our customers use this inner surface to say thank you or to provide their website address again. We would be happy to advise you on the different options, and if requested, can handle design and print data matters.

Which colour systems can I use to print paper bags?

As you may know from other printed materials, we also print using the CMYK model, also known as the 4c Euroscale. Furthermore, we also use all other well-known colour systems, such as PANTONE or HKS, as well as bright colours and metallic colours, too. Brands often use unmistakable colour formulations they have created themselves – it goes without saying that we have significant experience in this discipline.

Can I be there when the paper sheets for my own bag production are accepted for printing?

Being there when your first printed sheets come out of the printer and are painstakingly shaped into your favourite bag by hand? But of course! We believe that this truly tops off your bag experience with RIEDLE® and proves that we don’t supply anything from the Far East: Since our production facilities are in Germany and the EU, it is always possible to arrange an appointment for print acceptance and the start of production with our artisans who go the extra mile.

I would like to order a larger quantity. Is it possible to store some of it at your premises?

Our full-service performance package also includes modern logistics solutions. And for customers of any size. We have storage areas of different sizes; this allows you to decide in which timescales and volumes you need to request your advertising bags.

Do you deliver exactly the quantity requested from my order?

We’re talking about custom-made products that are finished by hand. As with many other printed materials, it can come down to manufacturing tolerances as a result of the process. An over- or under-delivery compared with the quantity ordered can be controlled to a certain extent, but cannot be fully excluded.

Can the front and rear of my paper bag be printed differently?

In general, the following applies: Fifty-fifty – after all, nobody can influence which side of your paper carrier bag will face outwards and will be visible to one and all. This is why we recommend having the same design on both larger surfaces. However, you are free to use every side as your ideas demand. Our graphics team will gladly support you with any query you may have.

Why are there two layout templates for certain bag sizes?

Most paper sizes can be adhered from one large sheet of paper. Just like any good men’s outfitter, we also have larger sizes available. However, these sizes do require two sheets of paper. If your paper bag will be printed identically on all four sides, we only need to use one layout template. However, if we are to print different sides, we will need two different layout templates (also known as punch outlines, dimension sketches and layout masks). But this only applies to larger sizes. Our graphics team can help you in every way.

There are pink lines in the acceptance PDF – what do they mean?

Erm, no idea?! No, seriously. These lines are simply guide lines and help designers to see where there may be folds or cut edges, or where there may be holes. This allows design elements to be positioned with pinpoint accuracy. Don’t worry though, we won’t print these guide lines.

Can you recommend an advertising retailer near me that supplies RIEDLE® paper carrier bags?

The full-service solutions offered by local advertising retailers can offer many advantages. Do you prefer local service providers but don’t want to shy away from RIEDLE® quality? We have a comprehensive partner network of retailers, agencies and printers who all offer our products. If required, we would be delighted to recommend partners with whom we work on a regional and national level.

3Materials science

Contemporary reusable paper carrier bags

Congratulations! You’re doing everything right. You’ve visited our website because you’ve already made an important decision: to avoid plastic.

From an environmental point of view, paper carrier bags are generally better than those made of plastic since the overall balance including recyclability and compostability is better come the end of the product’s life cycle. As a rule, tear-resistant paper bags are heavier than plastic bags since they need thicker walls to provide identical tear resistance. This increases the amount of material required per bag and results in higher transport emissions. However, using them multiple times and simple recycling at the end of their useful life significantly improves the environmental balance of paper bags.

The huge selection of paper thicknesses adapted to the intended use, as well as carry-handle and cord solutions, not to mention using the offset printing process, makes it possible to specifically choose individually environmentally friendly components. It must therefore be the aim to hand out high-quality paper carrier bags that guarantee they will be used multiple times thanks to their characteristics, thereby helping to cut plastic waste.

All good things come in threes – from the third use onwards, a paper carrier bag without special environmentally friendly production beats the eco-balance of a crude-oil-based plastic bag. Ta-dah! This value can easily be increased through other measures – using FSC-certified kraft paper and verifiable climate-neutral printing, for example. RIEDLE® can do it! And more besides: Tear-resistant stabilisers are unproblematic processes that can also be checked by the user by looking at the imprint on the corresponding labels. Individual measures and projects can be traced based on the details included with the corresponding tracking number. Before we forget: A little known fact – and therefore something that needs highlighting – is that reusable paper carrier bags are still largely made by hand. Working conditions and commercial relationships are therefore a key element when considering sustainability and fair dealings – not only with nature – but with people, too.

Paper carrier bags made from recycled paper

Everyone thinks recycling is great until you take a look behind the waster paper container brimming with positive associations. After all, the recycling process generates papers with relatively short fibres. This results in a load-bearing capacity that is only conditionally suitable as a reusable solution. Adding new fibres to increase the paper strength once again has an effect on eco-friendliness. If you need to manufacture white paper – also known as graphic paper – for writing, copying or printing, the printing inks on recycled paper must be chemically and mechanically bleached out using caustic soda and soap (de-inking). This is particularly problematic for printing inks that cannot be removed in the usual manner, such as those inks used in flexo printing or digital printing. The predominantly brown paper selection, as well as the print and finish variants, give this bag a very strong “eco-image”. To implement the corporate identity of companies, paper bags made from recycling paper therefore offer limited possibilities currently. And if the paper or paper carrier bag is imported from the Far East, the week-long journey has a further negative impact on the eco-balance. This is why we suggest you ask whether eco truly is eco. Or if it only seems so…

Reusable bags made from cotton, jute or canvas…

So that a reusable bag is better for the environment than a single-use plastic bag, it must be reused a minimum number of times. Due to their processing and material strength compared with single-use plastic bags, reusable bags need more material, resources and energy to manufacture. Due to the way in which they are cultivated, classic materials for reusable bags – such as cotton, raffia or flax – have a huge environmental impact due to water and energy consumption, eutrophication and acidification. To counteract this ecological burden, cotton bags need to be used up to 80 times to have less of an impact than polyethylene bags made from new granulate. Let’s be honest: How often have you managed to do this with a fabric bag? And there are no suitable printing processes available to ensure brilliant, high-resolution advertising. So is everything just a sham?

Reusable bags made from plastics

Alongside natural fabrics, reusable bags (woven or non-woven) are increasingly made from plastics such as polypropylene, polyester and polyethylenterephthalat (PET). And we hear and marvel that reusable plastic bags offer clear advantages over natural fibres in the provision of raw materials and production. They need to be reused fewer times to make them more environmentally friendly than single-use plastic bags. A reusable bag made from polypropylene is therefore more environmentally friendly after three uses than a single-use polyethylene bag. Furthermore, the majority of reusable bags are predominantly (up to 90%) made from recycled material, such as old PET drinks bottles. The printing of logos and image motifs is only possible to a limited extent depending on the finish. However, as with every other bag, reusable plastic bags eventually meet their maker. And it takes at least 450 years to meet their maker... At second glance, plastic is still plastic, and can then be found as microplastic in the environment at the end of its product lifecycle. In this timeframe, our paper bags simply become nature all over again…

4No. 1 advertising means

Highly infectious, even in small doses.

Enthusiasm is infectious. Every kind of advertising aims to generate interest around a product or company, to strengthen customer loyalty and to increase the number of customers. The more senses your advertising material appeals to, the deeper the advertising message penetrates the awareness. The first and oldest sense that people have is the sense of touch. It’s no wonder than only haptic advertising material has such a memorable effect and has therefore increasingly been the focus of marketing decision-makers for years.

Call them paper carrier bags or paper bags – as “grabbable” advertising media, with the added benefit of being long-distance advertising, they are simply unbeatable. The advertising bag is a real touchpoint between brand and product, just like a sustainably qualitative reflection of a shop, a brand or an event that a customer takes home with them. It’s so much harder with posters…

Numerous studies and surveys on consumers and marketing specialists have proven that every single euro a company invests in haptic advertising is money well spent. Results from these studies: GWW: “Promotional Article Monitoring 2016”, ZAW: “Advertising in Germany 2014”, ASI: “Global Advertising Specialities Impression Study 2016“ and BPMA: “New Consumer Poll on Attitudes and Perceptions of Promotional Products 2013“ clearly demonstrate that objective advertising works. And this is noticed by sales staff during customer meetings or at trade fairs, and by researchers when evaluating customer programmes.

Do you belong to the 50% of “better advertisers”?

No other form of advertising is more popular among marketing decision-makers: A total of 45% of all companies in Germany use haptic advertising. This includes give-away bags and promotional bags, which companies of different sizes and from different sectors have printed cost-effectively and individually for a variety of occasions. Are you already a better advertiser? If you are, we must know one another already. If not, make it easy on yourself and give us a call.

Nine out of ten marketing managers believe our paper bags to be sustainable. We’re still working on the tenth.

We’re a company of conviction: and there are many good reasons for using representational advertising means. 90% of German marketing decision-makers believe the marketing effect is particularly sustainable, 77% believe it has lead to the company’s image improving and 73% believe it has increased awareness of the company. But you don’t want to stay a secret…

Entertainers who are almost as overpowering as those in clubs in Mallorca.

But in a positive light, of course... Tangible advertising means are the most effective at driving your target group into action. A truly easy task for a high-quality paper carrier bag. Across the generations – from silver surfers to millennials – high-quality advertising is in top spot, ahead of TV, print and online advertising, as well as mobile marketing. So get out there with these moving posters and welcome to the club that maximises potential among decision-makers.

Let’s grow old together. Newspaper adverts dream of this at night.

Anyone who wants their target group to see their advertising message in the long term can’t go wrong with haptic advertising. These beloved advertising tools stay with their recipients for an average of 240 days. For our highly durable, DIN-tested RIEDLE LongLife®, this is more of a short liaison. After all, this bag lives even longer than we care to.


Not everyone can reach the high notes. And our sensuous brand ambassadors’ contact numbers are even less likely to since they are used multiple times. They go far beyond most other forms of advertising. Over the course of its life, one single advertising bag will proudly attract 236 curious and interested glances. We can calculate together how many loyal customers this results in over the course of your lifetime. Whatever the case may be: It’s a true exhibition run for your advertising.

Counteracts mental blackouts among 80% of all customers.

Companies that not only want to be remembered for their campaigns, but as the originator too, are well advised here. 78% of all recipients of haptic advertising means can remember the brand or company name. Use individually printed paper bags to ensure that you’re one of them.

High percentages are found in well over half of all households.

Trigger no end of positive emotions among recipients: Sympathy (69%), trust (72%), joy (71%), interest (52%), thankfulness (46%) and the feeling of being valued (43%). Paper – the stuff fans are made of. Fans who will gladly and repeatedly carry your advertising bag around the world.

Flirting doesn’t only happen online.

Brands are looking for loyal consumers. But encores have such a beguiling effect that they may cause them to have an escapade. Take advantage of the great appeal of an attractive companion, rather than simply hoping a desirable paper carrier bag will do the trick. Accompanied by RIEDLE®, little black dresses are carried from every shop and at any moment. And they always look gorgeous. Staying true to your old brand will be hard once you get home.
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