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Who we are

RIEDLE® – we’re doing what we can: manufacturing probably the best paper carrier bags you can find on the market. How can we say that about ourselves? It’s quite simple: Products from international luxury brands are carried out of fashion stores all over the world in our bags. Why does our bag expertise play such a key role, besides the extra ideas that complement our products? Hardly any other supplier on the market can react to the most important thing in the world so quickly or flexibly: Your ideas. And your project shouldn’t have to adapt to your supplier’s possibilities but instead we should adapt to your project. Our capacity provides you adequate leeway for small and large projects, alike: In figures: That’s about 9 tonnes of paper, 91 kilometres of cord and 280,000 hand-tied knots; a total of around 70,000 handmade bags every day.

How it all began

Volker Riedle is a paper bag manufacturer and a pioneer in the world of paper bags

It was meant to be a special evening. The young man had already purchased a bottle of Champagne – no mean feat in your early 20s. On the way to the rendezvous, the inevitable happened: The bag ripped, the bottle smashed and all expectations trickled away with the bubbly. Read more

The young man was Volker Riedle. On the back of this sorrowful annoyance, the trained paper and print technician decided that very same evening to develop the best paper bags of his time. Two years and 147 experimental models later, he created a prototype for a new generation of paper bags in his parents’ basement – a bag designed to provide the greatest possible stability, maximum elegance and ultimate wear comfort.

This innovative energy still influences the company to this day. Someone’s bad luck has transformed into the port of call for leading brands. And by the way, the beloved is still his wife today.

Image brochure

Die RIEDLE® image brochure

It’s not only what we develop that’s image-boosting. But also our new image brochure. Why did we provide this brochure for you?

Very simple: So that you know how our company developed, what drives RIEDLE® yesterday, today and tomorrow and why our heart beats for bags. Paris. London. Milan. Langenbrettach. That’s where we design what you carry tomorrow.

You will feel it after reading…

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Our actions

To us, a product is sustainable if it is exclusively manufactured from a resource of natural origins, passes through a wholly resource-conserving process chain, can be reused as much as possible and can then be returned to nature without polluting at the end of its service life.

So that our long-term advertising ambassadors and image carriers meet these requirements, our quality standards are defined at the highest level. We predominantly manufacture by hand for reasons of conviction. Whether it is a bag or a case, to us, they are permanent posters. The creative recyclable material paper is the perfect stage for this.

Elementary properties, such as load-bearing capacity, longevity, individuality, diversity and perfection are all derived from nature. For new, creative developments and technical innovations, nature is our role model, too. We therefore not only see our corporate mission as paying tribute to creation from an ecological point of view.

Our life

Design and construction sketches for creating a high-value paper bag

Our vision is to differentiate paper carrier bags as sustainable, long-term advertising ambassadors and coveted image carriers on the market, and to establish them as indispensable advertising classics.

Our mission is to support our customers’ brand communication. This is why our many years of experience and our heart and soul go into every single project.

As a result, RIEDLE® has been at the forefront of high-end, premium-quality image carriers for almost 25 years, and offers performance-oriented partnerships.

We are range manufacturers and produce brand ambassadors and communicative perennial favourites to support your marketing success.

Our values

The Earth is mankind’s only habitat. We respect this in all our personal and corporate decisions. We humbly accept what we receive from nature for our corporate life.
People are at the heart of our actions. Social justice and responsibility towards all stakeholders form the basis of our corporate ethics.
Better always replaces good. Inventiveness and a desire to research are the driving forces behind our future. We gain competence in change processes from the force that unleashes new potential.

Our guiding principles

Design and print managers bring bag designs to life on screen for customers

We want to establish a relationship with our customers that is characterised by trust, sincerity, reliability, continuity and transparency. Our products are made for people who share our values.

We respect every person as an equal partner in all our internal and external communication. Open and constructive dialogue is our primary concern. Active listening forms the foundations for implementing goals agreed together.

So that we can meet all the requirements associated with our voluntary obligations, the company is founded on strong economic principles. This ensures long-term, predictable cooperation with all partners.


Promotional Gift Award
“All good things come in four.” Until now. After all, this is how many times we’ve received the Promotional Gift Award. We’ve won every time in the “Communicative Product” category. This is testament to our bags; everyone’s talking about their ability to communicate.
Druck & Medien Awards
Under pressure? Yes, as a company in the printing and media sector, we’re under pressure every day. However, anyone who still achieves remarkable results – in the field of print products, operations and teams – is well on the way to winning at the Druck&Medien Awards (Print&Media Awards). RIEDLE® made it to the final in 2016.
A company is more than just its products. This is why the PSI Sustainability Award not only rewards particularly sustainable engagement, but also corporate social responsibility. We value our staff and partners – and embrace them every day.
That’s awesome: We’ve also scooped the Austrian award for unusual advertising ideas in the promotional article sector. What could be better proof that paper carrier bags brimming with ideas can be part of the communication mix?
Gold – no way. But we’re happy with titanium: In this case, in the “Innovation of the Year” category. We were awarded this “heavy metal” by the Verband der Schweizerischen Werbeartikel-Industrie (Swiss Association for the Promotional Article Sector).
Paperazzo Award
See better with your hands: The motto for the 2018 Haptic Awards. As our addition to this, you’ll certainly look better with a Riedle, too.
Our TopLuxe/Braille paper bag with blind embossing scored points in the truest sense of the word in the “Direct Mailing” and “Packaging” categories.


This is the premium standard for colour reproducibility. It goes without saying that RIEDLE® is a member of the Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies.
PSI always knows what the promotional article sector is talking about, as do we: especially when it’s us. But we’re used to that now and are therefore members of this sector network, too.
The Association of Advertising and Business is focused on the interests of promotional article advisors, branded companies, and more besides. This is why we’re keen to be involved.
The Professional Association of Media Production brings expertise and knowledge from different facets of the communication industry under one roof. Just as communicative as our image carriers, it goes without saying that RIEDLE® is a member.
Marketing Club Stuttgart Heilbronn
These Marketing Clubs are regional networks of the German Marketing Association. We’ve said there is to be no marketing without our bags. It just doesn’t make sense.


Brand EX
The Internation Festival of Brand Experience, BrandEX for short, creates a forum for event managers, creatives, PR specialists and marketeers of all kinds. RIEDLE® will be there when the International Festival of Brand Experience will be held for the first time in 2019. After all, we’re a key part of the marketing and advertising world.
Marken Award
The Marken Award is presented jointly by the marketing magazine “absatzwirtschaft” from the Handelsblatt publishing group and the German Marketing Association in recognition of excellent achievements in brand management. As a brand for brands, we’re in familiar surroundings here.
The Messeinstitut stands for fundamental research, analysis and evaluation in relation to trade fairs. An important institution that can call upon it’s unique constancy and success in the field of trade-fair expertise. We also supply mobile trade fair stands that are so easy to handle and chic that you can take them anywhere.
We also offer city marketing. After all, our brand articles are travelling throughout the city – with your customers. It’s therefore par for the course that we’ve partnered with Bundesvereinigung City- und Stadtmarketing Deutschland e.V. (German Federal Association for City and Town Marketing).
Spitzenverband des Einzelhandels
The Spitzenverband des Einzelhandels represents the interests of around 40,000 companies across the region. Trade, the stimulation of business fields and the innovative further development of trade concepts are all part of our DNA.
The FAMAB AWARD is a renowned competition in the trade-fair and live-communication world. Outstanding brand experiences and international benchmarks for interpersonal communication are commended and rewarded. After all, the big wide world of eye contact is our core market.
M&V Unternehmerkreis
The M&V Unternehmerkreis is aimed at decision makers from manufacturing companies in the mid-size sector. We feel at home anywhere where sales and marketing experiences are shared. And we want to contribute, too.
Bundesgartenschau 2019
The Bundesgartenschau is the fertiliser for healthy urban development. It brings quality of life back to where urban planning mistakes or industrial use have driven it away. We’re happy to support this concept since our products also influence cityscapes in a positive way.

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Manufacturer competence for printed paper bags

High-quality printing on paper bags skilfully combines the sensual experience of the eye with tactile feelings. Tangible, perceptible and suitable for everyday use – these are marketing methods for discerning customers. We have manufactured printed paper bags for a range of applications for over 23 years. Thanks to our many years of experiences as a company with manufacturer competence, we can make our quality promise in good faith.

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