Note about creating print data and templates for paper bags

Create print data

We need perfect print data for our innovation drivers to always turn out for the best. Perfect is perfect. And that’s precisely what we are (as always). This is why you can find all the information and templates you need here to simply create our dream print file. Convenient or what?

Information about the necessary print data for a paper bag

Print data guidelines

Here you will find our PDF about creating your print data to the high-end RIEDLE® standard. And don’t worry, we won’t simply leave you to it: Since all data is carefully double-checked, you can be sure that production will only get the green light for something that’s perfect.

  • Send via e-mail
    Simply send us your download link or even the dataset (up to 20 MB) to
  • Upload to our cloud
    You can access our RiedleCloud from anywhere in the world Please ask for our access data before sending.
    Open the website and upload up to 2 GB free of charge. Send to
  • Speak to our specialist department directly:
    Janine Blum: +49 7139 93152-260
    Julia Vogt: +49 7139 93152-210

Transfer data

Congratulations. If you’ve got to this stage in the process, you’ve already completed most of the work. We’ll take over from here. Should you have any questions, you can contact us easily and directly. You can send us your print data this way, too.


Where’s the fold, where’s the handle? Where’s the best place for your graphics? Our comprehensive templates can answer these and many more questions to support you in creating your far-reaching champions. Should you have any questions, we’d be happy to help.

High-quality paper bag with cord

RIEDLE LongLife®

Download Template-Kit
Printed paper bag with cord

RIEDLE Classic

Download Template-Kit
Environmentally friendly printed paper bag made from kraft paper


Download Template-Kit
Printed paper bag with cord and rounded corners

RIEDLE RoundEdge

Request Template
Printed paper bag with paper cord

RIEDLE Twister

Download Template-Kit
Printed paper bag with paper cord in small edition

RIEDLE TwisterSister

Download Template-Kit
Bottle gift bag, individually printed


Download Template-Kit
Printed paper bag with handle


Download Template-Kit
Paper gift bag with cover flap and bow


Download Template-Kit
Individually stamped paper bag with printing

RIEDLE Fantasy

Request Template
Mini paper bag with printing


Download Template-Kit
Printed paper carrier bag with detachable coupon


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Paper bag with printing for posters and long goods


Download Template-Kit
Flat paper carrier bag for x-ray images

RIEDLE Document

Download Template-Kit
Printed paper bag with flat handle

RIEDLE Shopper

Download Template-Kit
Pantone colour fans

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Carriers are advertising material with a long-distance impact, which is why the success of your bags depends on the look. And builds on thousands…

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Printed paper carrier bag refined with relief embossing

Upgrade your bag

A shot of caramel in your coffee. Alloy wheels on your car. There are upgrades to be had everywhere. Many still put the icing on the cake today. For us…

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Get paper carrier bags printed

They are gladly carried, seen by many and a powerful marketing tool: Paper bags with an effective advertising impact. You will get proven advertising bags from us in a variety of paper types, numerous finishes and in your chosen format. Would you like to get your paper carrier bags printed but don’t want to create the print data yourself? We can offer you a full service – from the design phase to advising you on different upgrade options and additional features, through to printing and delivering your paper bags. We have been one of Europe’s leading companies in the production of advertising bags for nearly 25 years. Benefit from our creative ideas, high quality and the knowledge and expertise we have gathered over many years.

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