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Our social media presence is not simply there to provide you with information about BAGS BY RIEDLE®. Instead, it is there so we can enter into a dialogue with you. We’d be delighted to receive your questions, suggestions and comments. We want you and encourage you to interact with our company’s pages.

So that it is possible for opinions to be shared respectfully and without misunderstanding on our pages, we would like to draw your attention to the following netiquette points.


  • We want a respectful and constructive approach to our social media presence. We will therefore not tolerate any untruths, insults, defamation or abusive criticism, nor any racist, political, religious, sexist or pornographic statements, or those that glorify violence.
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We reserve the right to delete any contributions that contravene our netiquette. Furthermore, we assume no liability for comments posted by users. These do not necessarily reflect the opinion held by BAGS BY RIEDLE®.

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BAGS BY RIEDLE® – experts in high-quality paper bags

If you want your advertising bags to have the longest possible multi-visible effect, come and talk to us. We have specialised in the manufacture of high-quality paper bags for nearly 25 years and are this sector’s leading manufacturer in Europe. To us, quality and sustainability are equal company values that are at the forefront of our production. Due to the earth’s limited resources, we not only print our paper bags so they are climate-neutral, but the entire company bears the climate-neutral certificate. Furthermore, the FSC seal proves to you that we only use raw materials from responsibly managed forests. So far so good? No, we go two steps further. 100% green electricity from hydroelectricity and a climate-neutral website – for us, this means living sustainably and respecting the only living space we have. To our mind, a product can only be truly sustainable if it can be returned uncontaminated to nature at the end of its lifecycle.

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