Testing the paper quality for RIEDLE bags

The RIEDLE® quality promise

What’s the difference between a promise and a platitude? On the surface, both may say they’ll give you exactly what you want. But where one is a sincere pledge, the other is an empty cliché. Only the first applies at RIEDLE®. Which is why we put all our energies into doing what we do best: producing perhaps the highest quality carriers for luxury goods and brands that want to make a real statement. Welcome to our exquisite paper carrier bags. And yes, we admit we put quality before price – but that’s not to say we’re expensive. We deliver value for money. Every paper bag that wows your customers – instead of being cast aside – pays for itself many times over. As you’ll find out…

You can measure the value of a bag in heartbeats per minute

So we’re not content to simply manufacture bags. We are artisans who go the extra mile. As influencers and visionaries for our customers and markets, we want to make people fall in love with brands. We are flexible, because we make sound decisions fast. And we act responsibly, transparently, communicatively, fairly and reliably, because we believe service and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance.

We create an environment that is both creative and positive, because our team is our greatest asset. It’s much easier to be on the same wavelength as our customers if our team is working on an even keel. Which is exactly how we achieve the quality you want from us. Quite simply, RIEDLE® exemplifies consistency and expertise; speed and flexibility; the personal touch, not anonymity. The results speak for themselves: on-time delivery, unbeatable value for money, and above all, satisfaction.

Top quality right from the start

RIEDLE® creates paper carrier bags of the very highest quality. But it’s an unavoidable fact that even a Michelin-starred chef can’t make a gourmet meal from low-quality ingredients. That’s why, here at RIEDLE®, we insist on rigorous quality controls: we only accept superior materials and outstanding processing quality. And yes – we are artisans. You will truly understand the quality we hand craft when you feel it for yourself: an exclusive paper carrier bag is pure emotion in a way no other print medium can achieve.

Expertise and knowledge

Our team is made up of graphics and print professionals. That’s why it always makes sense to talk to us when bag-shaped inspiration first strikes. This allows our emotional experts to work with you from the outset to plan your long-lasting perennial favourite. We know how to write success stories with handles. Direct and open, consistent in corporate design and quality standards – and always on your side: this is RIEDLE®.

Speed and flexibility

Faster than you can spell “paper carrier bag”. No other supplier is in a position to react to short delivery times so quickly or reliably. Holiday time and Christmas stress? We’ve read it, but it doesn’t bother us much: Even then, we’re constantly reliable. Our factories offer a permanent capacity of 70,000 hand-finished paper bags, every single day! This means that we can respond to almost any request at any time and in record time. Get in touch now, it’s never too late.

Quality seal and explanations

TU Graz
Graz University of Technology is an important university in the international technical-scientific research and education network. Our bags have earned their degree in load-bearing capacity from here – after all, the testing and research department associated with the university has tested the quality and load-bearing capacity of RIEDLE® bags.
Test quality from the Papiertechnische Stiftung testing laboratory. RIEDLE® bags have been put through their paces here too: The laboratory specialises in products and the processes behind paper production and processing.
DIN EN 13590
DIN standards allow for comparability and refer to very specific properties. Our bags have met the test procedures of the European DIN EN 13590 standard and passed the load-bearing capacity test for carrier bags with flying colours.

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