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Legal notice

Bei der Leimengrube 17-18
DE-74243 Langenbrettach

Owner: Silke Riedle
VAT No.: DE 170451398
Content by: Volker Riedle

Switchboard: +49 7139 93152300
Fax: +49 7139 93152500
e-mail: sales@riedle.de
WhatsApp: +49 171 8371538

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Disclaimer of liability

This website is for general information purposes and every care has been taken in putting it together. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that it is either complete or correct. BAGS BY RIEDLE® assumes no liability for errors or actions resulting from the information provided on this website. Users shall use the website and download data at their own risk. BAGS BY RIEDLE® assumes no liability for any damage caused, particularly with respect to users’ databases, hardware or software.

Moreover, BAGS BY RIEDLE® assumes no liability and provides no guarantee in connection with other websites that you visit from our website. Such hyperlinks are a service, but BAGS BY RIEDLE® is not responsible for the content of such websites or their potential use. It is your responsibility to protect your systems against a virus attack or any other command sequences that prove harmful to your system by installing appropriate protective programs. BAGS BY RIEDLE® reserves the right to amend the content of this website at any time at its discretion and without prior notice.

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Copyright notice

The creator of a work is identified as its originator. This term therefore encompasses authors, composers, choreographers, designers, painters, sculptors, inventors and programmers and other professional groups that have created works on the basis of productive and creative activities. The originator has the right to decide how its work is utilised. Texts, photos, graphics, articles and works of all kinds that are published on this website are subject to German copyright law and the safeguarding provisions that are legally defined therein.

Any reproduction, processing or distribution and any kind of utilisation of the originator’s intellectual property from either a material or a non-material viewpoint that is outside the limits of copyright law requires the prior written consent of the originator concerned within the meaning of the German copyright act (Urhebergesetz). BAGS BY RIEDLE® is considered the sole originator of the website riedle.de. Downloads and copies of this page are not permitted for any purpose, including private purposes. If any content on our website has not been created by us, copyrights of third parties must likewise be observed. Unless otherwise specified, all trademarks in connection with RIEDLE® and LongLife® on this website are protected by trademark law. This applies in particular to logos, emblems and type designations.

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