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We’re delighted that as a press representative or partner, you want to share good news – just like our paper carrier bags! This is why you’ll find the latest news from the world of RIEDLE® here, alongside our image brochure, catalogue and numerous image files to download from our image archive. And we have, of course, provided suggested copy if you want to write about RIEDLE®. What’s the latest news?

Press releases

Printed paper bag with rounded corners

Strong charakter stanks to biodesign!

Unusual paper carrier bag attrats attention


Advertising bag made of apple-paper

Advertising bag made of apple-paper!

Pretty tempting and particularly sustainable!


Press archive

Advertising bag made from grass paper

Growing and flourishing!

The advertising bag made from grass paper celebrates its triumphal march

Paper bag with 3D-Lentikularpanel

New industry gold standards!

That’s what the Promotional Gift Award 2019 jury called the winners in the seven categories

We offer pre-licensed paper bags as part of a comprehensive packaged tailored to packaging laws

Packaging laws made easy

With its pre-licensed paper bags, RIEDLE® can meet its customers’ obligations in relation to the packaging law that came into force on 01/01/2019

Das neue Markenbild von RIEDLE® zeigt eine metallische

The RIEDLE® transformation

Digitisation, Smart Factory or Industry 4.0? The whole world seems to be in a state of upheaval

Mini-sized paper bags printed in Braille

Double victory at

See better with your hands: RIEDLE achieves double victory at the Paperazzo HAPTIK AWARD

Paper carrier bags with DIN stability certification

Quality comparison with DIN testing

Press release: DIN testing for RIEDLE paper bags

Grass paper bags as a winning product at the PSI Sustainability Awards

Trophies at the Sustainablity Awards

Press release: Victory at the PSI Sustainability Awards

Paper bag printed in Braille

Third win at the PGA 2018

Press release: Third win at the Promotional Gift Award

Paper-carrier group with certification mark

RIEDLE LongLife bag tested and certified

Press release: New product – RIEDLE LongLife bag

Eye-catching advertising bag with beautiful image

Advertising losses from renouncing bags

Press release: Advertising losses from renouncing bags

Image brochure

Die RIEDLE® image brochure

It’s not only what we develop that’s image-boosting. But also our new image brochure. Why did we provide this brochure for you?

Very simple: So that you know how our company developed, what drives RIEDLE® yesterday, today and tomorrow and why our heart beats for bags. Paris. London. Milan. Langenbrettach. That’s where we design what you carry tomorrow.

You will feel it after reading…

Show image brochure

Product catalog

Der RIEDLE® Product catalog

The small paper bag bible for to download, take along and read over and over again. You will be excited how versatile our range of services is.

In our product catalog you can find a compact overview of the RIEDLE®-DNA. Find out why the people who make things happen from Langenbrettach are very own specialists in their field.

Show product catalog

Press contact

For further information please contact Mrs. Anna-Maria Dietz personally at +49 7139 93152410, or presse@riedle.de.

The BAGS BY RIEDLE company building


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Printed kraft paper bags, stacked


A world without advertising material is inconceivable, even in the digital age. Nowadays, customers expect companies to be environmentally aware…

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