High-quality refinement on a paper bag

Upgrade your Bag

A shot of caramel in your coffee. Alloy wheels on your car. There are upgrades to be had everywhere. Many still put the icing on the cake today. With us, you’ll get the cherry that tops our competitor’s icing. May we tempt you with something a little more fascinating? Call RIEDLE® – the bag upgrade innovation centre! A complicated name, but perfectly simple, really: Take a look at the possibilities…


Printed paper carrier bag with hot-foil embossing

Hot stamping

Hot pick-me-up of the visual kind: Metallic hot stamping leaves a gleaming impression on almost every paper surface – this creates discrete yet high-value highlights and further emphasises your brand’s claim. Choose one of the classics, from different gold and silver shades, gloss chrome or matt. If you’re feeling particularly creative, choose from our range of bright metallic colours. Creating contrasts in uniformity could rarely be realised so exquisitely.

Printed paper carrier bag with relief blind embossing

Relief embossing

It feels good. Use relief embossing to give any bag surface that little bit extra: Even without colour, just light and shade. The possibilities here are almost limitless.

Relief embossing with hot foil on printed paper carrier bag

Relief embossing with hot stamping

Laid on thickly – thanks to refined surfaces featuring hot stamping combined with relief embossing. A wonderful effect that makes it possible to positively transfer your image to your customers’ minds.

Paper carrier bag with UV lacquer, individually printed

Partial UV spot-coating

Everything in lacquer: The elegance of a discrete effect. Tone-on-tone yet still very special. UV lacquer creates something understatedly special – use the lacquer coating as a contrasting design medium to change the paper texture and structure.

Printed paper bag with relief embossing and UV lacquer

Relief embossing with UV lacquer

Simply sublime: The fascinating combined effect of embossing and lacquer creates a tactile and visual sensation. Thanks to typical RIEDLE perfection, both types of refinement can be combined as one striking new idea.

Paper carrier bag with printed interior

Printed interior

More surface area for showcasing your brand. A bag doesn’t just have four sides – it has eight. Big brands need room and we can give you that by printing the interior.

Paper bag with individually printed inner base

Printed inner base

“It’s what’s on the inside that counts!” A phrase seen on every single dating website. But on Riedle.de, we truly mean it: With printed inner bases, we create additional brand contact when our paper carrier bags are emptied. The idea of using the logo again is just the beginning! We’d be glad to suggest other ideas…

Printed paper bag with laser logo cutting

Laser logo cutting

Insightful precision. Innovative laser technology makes possible what was previously only possible with great effort: Individual upgrades featuring laser-cut shapes, logos and design elements on your paper carrier bag.

Paper bag with 3D lenticular printing

3D lenticular printing

Playful dissemination of information and increased brand awareness. Nobody throws this bag away. Full stop. The 3D effect created using tiny prisms provides deep insight and turns every paper carrier bag featuring your individual desired motif into a unique cult object. We bet you’ll do it: With the right motifs, we can achieve unbelievable three-dimensional spatial depth so that you most want to reach into the picture yourself. 3D lenticular printing, not to be confused with changing images. But we can do that, too.

Individually printed paper carrier bag with relief lacquer

SD relief effect lacquer

Water droplets are just one idea that can seem surprisingly real when realised on any RIEDLE® brand trophy using relief effect lacquer. Perfect for the fresh and food sector.

Paper bag refined with mother-of-pearl effect

SD mother-of-pearl effect lacquer

Stop collecting oysters: If you’re after a mother-of-pearl effect, you’ve got us. This is not only a superb refinement idea for the jewellery sector: Ask our team what can be done with this innovative effect lacquer – you’ll be amazed.

Paper carrier bag with metallic effect lacquer

SD metallic effect lacquer

Heavy metal fans need to take a deep breath: Even paper carrier bags can really rock out these days. With our innovative solution using SD metallic effect lacquer, we can implement innovative branding ideas in the luxury sector that will long be remembered.

Individually printed paper bag with glitter effect lacquer

Glitter effect lacquer

We don’t think it’s only the girls who like a bit of bling – we’d been considering how we can add a twinkle to consumers’ eyes. And that’s when we thought of glitter effect lacquers. The finest reflex particles create an overwhelming effect – down to the smallest detail.

Individually printed paper bag with sand effect lacquer

SD sand effect lacquer

Leaving your mark in the sand – a hit with which every consumer brand makes an impression. In the dog-eat-dog world of advertising-media competition, give everyone else a run for their money: After all, your bags have a tactile feature that can deceptively set the scene for getting in that holiday mood.

Printed paper carrier bag with neon daylight lacquer

SD neon daylight lacquer

The radiance that lies within your brand identity can now be carried by your customers. Fluorescent signal colours multiply the luminous effect in ordinary daylight and seem to glow by themselves: Your paper bag will be truly eye-catching. To be the centre of attention, you’ll now always have a catwalk lit up in neon lights by your side.

Paper bag that shines in the dark

SD nightlight lacquer

Shine in your customers’ eyes – probably using our nightlight lacquer. Do you offer products or services associated with light? But of course! We’ve got a glowing bag for you. Add some enthusiasm to your shopping – and should darkness fall on your way home from shopping, customers will be enthusiastic all over again.


High-quality paper bag with stitched edge cover

Stitched bag edge

Fashion for bags – or bag fashion? Whatever the case may be: The upgraded stitched edge catapults your brand ambassador to completely new heights. And it goes without saying that you can pick the stitch colour.

High-quality paper carrier bag with gift bow

Gift bow

When it comes to the attractiveness of your image carriers, nothing should be allowed to get tied up in knots. You need our gift bows instead. Stay off the beaten track and tie a bow to add an appealing contrast.

Many cord colours for the individual paper bag

Cord colour choice

It’s all a matter of taste. If we only had black or white, it would be like an ice cream parlour only offering chocolate or vanilla: really boring. Since RIEDLE® think it’s best to strike a chord, we don’t do things by halves when it comes to choosing a cord colour. Our customers can choose from over 170 shades. In your company colours too…

Detachable cards for individually printed paper carrier bag

Mini hanging cards

For fans of the finer details. This extra message on your advertising media is repeated where everyone grabs: the handles. You’ve finally found a solution that transports more content without adversely affecting a clear bag design.

Individually printed paper bag with rounded edges

Rounded edges

Gentle curves really do it for some people. This is why we’re giving you the option to make your bags extra sexy. Talk to us to see if this optional extra is available on your dream bag design. After all, anyone and everyone can give you right angles…

Paper bag with outer envelope

Outer envelope

We’ve certainly rolled up our sleeves to be able to offer you such an outer envelope. But honestly speaking, turning the classic paper carrier bag think tank on its head has always been RIEDLE®’s thing.

Paper carrier bag with handle cut-out

Handle cut-out

Men’s hands want to grab. They don’t want to snuggle. This is why soft cords are left to the rest of the world. We also offer handle cut-outs perfectly suited to men’s hands – strong and available in many sizes. Get to grips with it – get in touch with those in the know.

Individually printed paper bag with combined handle/cord

Handle and cord combination

Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision. But for the indecisive folk out there, RIEDLE® makes anything possible: A cord on a handle bag or a handle on a cord bag – simply look for what makes you happy.

Printed paper bag with personalised handle cut-out

Shaped handle cut-out

Your logo within touching distance: Only available with our shaped handle cut-out. Talk to our professional team about the range of options included with this upgrade.

Available on:

Printed paper carrier bag with adhered cords without knots

Knot-free cords

The bag magicians in the RIEDLE® construction department can even make entire handle knots disappear. Super elegant and simply fascinatingly classy.

Printed paper bag with adhered ribbons without knots

Knot-free ribbons

You can knot it, so you don’t forget that you can do it without knots, too: We offer solutions so that your carry ribbons can be integrated into your bag completely flat. A flat solution that’s really quite subtle.

Printed paper bag with eyelets to feed in cords


What have we got against mavericks? In a word, eyelets. Our handy, thick cords can handle a lot. So that our bags can do even more, it’s also possible to reinforce the cord openings with eyelets. This allows RIEDLE® bags to play a starring role if your customers have over-indulged.

Printed paper carrier bag with removable coupons and cards


A sensational bag idea that supports you when planning sales promotions and customer-loyalty campaigns: We can add removable coupons to any bag. This feature is only available from RIEDLE®. And: Are you already collecting points with us?

Printed paper carrier bag made from FSC paper with honeycomb cardboard

FSC honeycomb cardboard

A hallmark of nature. The FSC real-wood honeycomb exclusively by RIEDLE®. But it’s already sustainable, why bother looking further? For us, it’s important. Our ID number provides proof of this, naturally. The honeycomb cardboard is applied to the bags by hand and also shows our customers’ customers that beauty and sustainability can go hand-in-hand. Environmentally friendly, long life, completely recyclable and still highly attractive. RIEDLE® can do it.

Paper bag with viewing window

Viewing window

You’ve long since known that at RIEDLE®, we’ve had the perspective on paper carrier bags. And here’ the proof in product form: A viewing window provides a sneak peak into the private life of a RIEDLE® bag: A touch of gossip – because your paper bag will be just as interesting as the latest gossip.

Paper bag with 3D effect

Punching dies

Out of shape, in a positive way. Since not every idea fits on a standard shape, RIEDLE® bags are available with shape punching – and this makes the side wall of your bag just as exclusive as your company. Talk to us about options and ideas at any time. We’ve got some punchingly awesome ideas.

Paper carrier bag with cover flap

Cover flap

Large flap, lots behind it. Or less. That depends on you and your dream paper bag. The fact is that bag flaps are certainly an affair of the heart. This closure solution means the contents remain hidden and the advertising on the outside. What we mean to say is on top. We guarantee you’ll attract attention.

Individually manufactured advertising bag made from special paper

Special papers

And why not put the material itself under the microscope? We will gladly offer you exclusive paper qualities that can do more than just be bag material. You can choose textures, colours, surfaces, and much more besides.

Twisted paper cords in all colours for printed paper carrier bags

Twisted paper cords

This solution is easy, yet everything is still in hand. Our bags with handles made from twisted paper cords offer stability – both in terms of use and budget. The efficient solution for any everyday carrying challenge.

Available on:

RIEDLE Twister
Printed paper bag and paper cords with cotton

Paper cord with cotton

As is often the case, RIEDLE® combines the best in paper carrier bags: And the same can be said about paper cords with cotton. The fluffy feel of the thread combined with the efficient stability of paper makes this a truly noticeable upgrade.

Available on:

RIEDLE Twister
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