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Sometimes pictures are not enough to convince you or your customers. That’s why we’d be delighted to send you samples of your future favourite bag. Speed dating is the best alternative to blind dates so that you can take everything in: in person, in colour and in the original size. And did you know, if you want your very OWN dream bag partner, you can find information about our prototype and sample service under Custom solutions.

High-quality paper bag with cord

RIEDLE LongLife®

Keeping a handle on life: We guarantee that owners of our new LongLife design – including matching textured papers or embossed surfaces – will make a lasting impression.

IMG-ALT: Printed paper bag with cord

RIEDLE Classic

I’m just better. Keeping a close eye when choosing your own advertising media. Having said that, you’d recognise the incredible details of the RIEDLE Classic with your eyes closed. After all, only a really good paper carrier bag makes your product perfect.

Environmentally friendly printed paper bag made from kraft paper


From nature, in nature. Nowadays, you can’t get anywhere without environmentally friendly materials. RIEDLE Nature has taken over: Manufactured from FSC-certified papers from managed forests. We call it regrowing enthusiasm.

Printed paper bag with cord and rounded corners

RIEDLE RoundEdge

Squaring the circle. The RIEDLE RoundEdge has got the hang of it. Thanks to its rounded edges, it exudes a particularly cosmopolitan air and tops off your success.

Printed paper bag with paper cord

RIEDLE Twister

Twisted: We Swabians like to make a house a home. This is how we came up with the RIEDLE Twister: Twister is somewhat Swabian – so kind on your wallet – but will definitely reach your advertising contacts.

Printed paper bag with paper cord in small edition

RIEDLE TwisterSister

The turbo for your advertising presence and the fastest small quantity solution on the market. The RIEDLE TwisterSister is available from an edition of only 10 pieces and already printed with your own design in 6 days. Cleverly optimized, slimly produced, transported at lightning speed.

Bottle gift bag, individually printed


After all, you would only put your good name on the labels of top-quality wines. This is why every paper sommelier recommends our RIEDLE Bottle as advertising material when giving a gift. Wine: therein lies the truth. Wine in a RIEDLE® bag.

Printed paper bag with handle


A handy matter: Our variety of bags with stamped handle and stable design. The RIEDLE Punch will certainly hit the high notes – for ultimate success on your coverage mission.

Paper gift bag with cover flap and bow


With the RIEDLE Gifty, gain appreciation in numerous situations and not only add value to the contents – after all, anything that comes in a great bag shows even more appreciation to those receiving the gift.

Individually stamped paper bag with printing

RIEDLE Fantasy

If fantasy courses through you, we’re coming too. RIEDLE Fantasy stands out with its personalised stamped cut-outs. Your bag in the shape of your logo? Or even your latest product? Fantasy makes anything possible!

Mini paper bag with printing


It doesn’t always come down to size: After all, good ideas also fit in the smallest RIEDLE paper carrier bags. For large gifts and a little attention every day.

XXL printed paper carrier bag


We should, in fact, be writing this text in capital letters – after all, large is still understated. This generous format allows for touching moments when making those “big purchases”. Well alright, a car doesn’t yet fit, but we’re working on it.

Printed paper carrier bag with detachable coupon


Do you collect points? No, bags. The bag with in-built customer loyalty! Only available from RIEDLE®. After all, our paper bags can do much more. They can be used as coupons or postcards, for example.

Paper bag with printing for posters and long goods


The practical and promotionally effective little helper for rolled-up posters. But this bag can also accommodate umbrellas and other long goods. At RIEDLE®, ideas are at the heart of something round.

Flat paper carrier bag for x-ray images

RIEDLE Document

Simply never-ending beauty: an ultra-flat paper carrier bag. Perfect for conveniently transporting important documents, this option documents a slim budget – and here we can document more information.

Printed paper bag with flat handle

RIEDLE Shopper

The flat-handle design from RIEDLE® stands out thanks to its versatile, cost-efficient use. Our motto: “Take the shopper with you. Then there’s still space for the shopping.”

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While you’re still typing, we’re already on our way to the post office. Your samples will be sent to you straight away.

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