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Riedle combines professionalism and commitment to offer you the very best carrier bags at competitive prices. Quality is always our top priority in this. You can find out what quality means for Bags by Riedle here.

You will find these values in every single Riedle bag. We promise.

We see ourselves as innovators and visionaries for our customers and our markets. We achieve our high level of flexibility through fast decision-making processes and responsible conduct. For more service and customer support. We recognise tomorrow's brand trends early on and engage with you, our customer, in a focussed and collaborative manner to ensure the successful conclusion of your project. We are frank, fair, open, transparent and dependable. This is how we transform your wishes quickly and flexibly into successful solutions. And in the process we are always aware of our responsibility for the earth's limited resources, making use of them in accordance with sound ecological principles. We also bear responsibility for our team and realise that our employees are our most important asset. For it is only in a sound, positive and creative environment that we can attain the high standards of quality that you as a customer expect of Riedle. And that means for us quality from the very beginning, competence instead of compromise, speed and flexibility, personal support, timely delivery, optimum price/performance and customer satisfaction.

Quality from the very beginning

Riedle produces top quality carrier bags for you. We attach great importance to the finest, select materials and to perfect processing, since this is the only way of conveying the image of your brand and product in the way you wish with your new carrier bag. You will feel it when you hold your Riedle bag in your hand. No other print medium conveys emotions so directly and exclusively as our carrier bags. That is why you should involve us in the planning of your new carrier bag from the word go. Our specialist expertise will ensure the success of your new carrier bag. Just contact us.

Competence instead of compromise

All our employees are trained print industry or graphics specialists. We are dedicated specialists in everything relating to carrier bags. And nothing else. This explains the expert advice and the planning and manufacturing reliability that Riedle places at your disposal. Possible sources of error are minimised and customer wishes systematically realised in accordance with expectations. Because you should not take any risks with your corporate design and your image as a company. And you should never compromise. Take our advice.

Speed and flexibility

Speed is a Riedle trademark and one of our great strengths. There is scarcely another vendor capable of responding so quickly and flexibly to short-term delivery deadlines. We are always dependable throughout the year, including holiday periods and Christmas. Our plants have a permanent capacity for hand-finishing 70,000 bags and for the fully automated production of 460,000 paper bags – per day. This enables us to meet almost any desire at record speed. Simply get in touch – it is never too late.


Personal support

We do not leave you alone. Every Riedle customer enjoys the full attention of two expert advisers. From your very first phone call, two personal contacts will be assigned to you, both of whom are completely involved in your project. There are never any gaps in communication caused by holidays, sickness etc. since one contact is always available. Your questions can be answered competently at any time, usually immediately. From the very beginning. So why are you waiting? Get to know your personal contact straight away.

Timely delivery

Quality is only worth something if it arrives on time. For this reason Riedle sets great store by a perfectly organised system of logistics, state-of-the-art data processing and communications systems and the commitment of motivated employees. This is how we ensure that your orders are delivered precisely on the agreed date. We execute domestic and international orders reliably and with an absolute priority for deadlines. You can therefore be sure that your carrier bags will arrive on time for tightly scheduled trade fairs or promotional activities.

Optimum price/performance

Our customers always enjoy the best value for money that they can find for a carrier bag in Riedle quality. At all times, for every order. We do not have a field sales force and so can devote every extra euro to the quality of your carrier bags. This gives us economic flexibility and makes you a satisfied customer. Request your free pack of samples today and allow us to send you a quotation without any obligation on your part.

Customer satisfaction

Carrier bags are not a one-off matter. We know that you will return as a customer. At the very latest when the last Riedle carrier bag is torn from your hands. However, this assumes that you were happy with our service. This is the reason why customer satisfaction is not just our inner motivation but also the key to the success of our company. The size of an order is not always the only deciding factor. What is important is your satisfaction so that you honour us again with your custom. Incidentally, many well-known companies are already satisfied customers of Bags by Riedle. Just take a look at your product samples.

Fogra Membership


The objective of Fogra Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V. (Fogra Graphic Technology and Research Association) is to promote print engineering and its future-oriented technologies in the fields of research and development, and to enable the printing industry to utilise the results of this activity. Other activities include technical reports, contract research, the provision of quality control devices, professional training and a literature database. Read more ...

What you should know about FSC

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label is a certification scheme to ensure that the source of a wood or paper product can be traced back to responsible forest management. Certification proves that paper was not combined with non-certified paper on its way to the consumer along the entire supply chain. Products bearing the FSC label ensure that forests are used in compliance with all social, economic and ecological aspects. More...

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