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Products from our „Ländle“ are known for their quality all over the world. Our DIN-tested paper bags keep what they promise.


Printed paper bags in 8 days already? In Paris? We are your partner for express option. With our production „Made in Germany“ we accomplish even that.

Absolutely individual

Inspire your customers with your individual design. Built for free by our experienced layout experts. Our „Carefree Package“ including the creation of print data.

Best price principle

With a convincing quality and service you can never have a low price. But the best. Top service for project safety without regretting later purchase.

Call order

Large quantity - small price. And no warehouse capacity? Due to our production in Germany and in EU we deliver just-in-time to your desired address.


We think and produce sustainable. Our dedication is shown by FSC certified paper, green power and climate-neutral products.

Artisans who go the extra mile for

Pantone colour fans

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Break something, mend your luck

Volker Riedle is a paper bag manufacturer and a pioneer in the world of paper bags

It was meant to be a special evening. The young man had already purchased a bottle of Champagne – no mean feat in your early 20s. On the way to the rendezvous, the inevitable happened: The bag ripped, the bottle smashed and all expectations trickled away with the bubbly. Read more

The young man was Volker Riedle. On the back of this sorrowful annoyance, the trained paper and print technician decided that very same evening to develop the best paper bags of his time. Two years and 147 experimental models later, he created a prototype for a new generation of paper bags in his parents’ basement – a carrier designed to provide the greatest possible stability, maximum elegance and ultimate wear comfort.

This innovative energy still influences the company to this day. Someone’s bad luck has transformed into the port of call for leading brands. And by the way, the beloved is still his wife today.

Inspired by biodesign

Das Bild der Wabenkonstruktion aus der Natur symbolisiert die Stabilität von RIEDLE® Taschen

Keeping nature’s promises. And then some. Stable and flexible. Reliable and durable. Striving for perfection means reconciling contrasts.

Nature has already produced a truly flawless shape to meet these requirements: The hexagon. Whether it is bees’ honeycomb or ice crystals, hexagonal walls represent Mother Earth’s stable construction form unlike any other element.

In this instance, beauty, efficiency and protection combine together specially in an impressive symbiosis – a combination we love.

For better advertisers

Know what works and stay up-to-date.

You’ve long since understood the potential of the large advertising spaces on a paper bag. How can we increase awareness of your brand? Why not receive your free copy of our expert letter full of tips and tricks? Discover the latest trends from the fascinating world of fine papers. Powerful content guaranteed. Perfectly understated and easy to unsubscribe again at any moment.

Competence and experience in paper carrier bags

For nearly 25 years, as a German company based in Baden-Württemberg, we have been a successful partner to the advertising industry and are known for high-quality and individually manufactured paper bags with the aim of giving you the best. This is why we gladly share our creative and design expertise. When manufacturing very different printed paper carrier bags adapted to customers’ requirements, we impress our customers across Europe with our competencies, full-service package and professionalism. These advertising bags are extremely tear-resistant thanks to our stable craftsmanship, therefore last longer, are used multiple times and lower your subsequent printing costs. Exquisite and innovative paper carrier bags generate awareness and positive brand recognition.

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